Beth has a very critical eye to put together a collection of images and stories in a book. Her curating ability is exactly what you want to see in well-rounded ideas that become a book. Enjoy benton buckley books!
— Juan Poggi, interior designer
Beth’s appreciation for beauty and creatives is refreshing and authentic. Her latest book “Some Like It HOT” is visually stunning in large part due to her appreciation for the art of photography. Combined with the thoughtfully curated selection of designers, it is a joy to experience. Looking forward to seeing what comes next from benton buckley books.
— Lael DeWahl, art advisor
We received our copies of the book [“I Do...”] and our feet aren’t touching the ground...
— Cheryl Walton, senior wedding sales at WaterColor Inn
This collection [Equal & Empowered] of stories, poems, and art dedicated to feminism was an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. I am going to send my 13-year-old niece a copy and encourage my teenage son to read “Equal & Empowered”.
— Amazon Review
We are giddy with excitement to find some of our creations amongst these pages [of “I Do...].”
— Desiree Ann, Earth and Sugar

This book [Some Like It HOT] is extremely helpful. It has 30 interior designers from Florida listed and if you are looking to design an apartment, for example, this has fantastic inspirations for someone who would like the best help from knowledgable experts and is interested in eye-catching design work.
— Amazon Review