Sometimes the publisher does the seeking and sometimes the publisher is the one being sought. At benton buckley books we’re completely open to how it happens, we just want to publish great books. Please reach out to us with your ideas—unless we find you first. 

We love bold books, quirky books, edgy books, big books, small books, tangible books, eBooks. We totally identify with Guy Kawasaki’s idea of artisanal publishing, that fine books need to be cultivated much like fine wine. Publishing really gorgeous books is an art form and well love every aspect of it. Our type of publishing is full-service—we take books from concept through editorial and graphics to distribution and all of the important stepping stones in-between.

Our favorite book is always the one we’re working on. We love everything about the publishing process—the ups, even the downs, the people, and how amazing it feels to produce a book that makes everyone proud. Here’s a peek at our latest and greatest.

Secrets of My Food Affair: A Gluten-free RomanceWe love Nichole Campo. She’s talented. She’s full of ideas. And she’s real. That’s exactly the kind of person we’d do anything for. The book includes fabulous recipes along with Nichole’s inspiring story of living with celiac disease, learning to nurture her body with gluten-free food, and delighting her family with creative new takes on old favorites.

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I Do. It’s the start of a beautiful thing, we’ve had so much fun putting this one together that we’re already planning to expand the concept into a series. I Do: Destination Florida, No Passport Required is a breathtaking coffee-table book that presents the artistry of Florida’s top wedding professionals. A must-have for every bride-to-be, the book includes design inspiration from celebrity-level wedding planners, floral designers, couture gowns boutiques, caterers, venues, and more.

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Covers shown here are conceptual. The printed versions will likely be different. Such is the creative process!