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Some Like It Hot: Inspiring Spaces By Florida's Hottest Designers This collection includes some of the most stunning design environments found anywhere, accompanied by philosophies and inspiration from the interior designers who created them. The 30 contributing designers possess portfolios that span the globe and have spearheaded signature residential looks for celebrities, dignitaries, politicians, and everyday people. They range from such industry sensations as Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque, Jennifer Garrigues, Fanny Haim, and Sam Robin to creative souls like Sharron Lannan and Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis. The designers divulge their philosophies about style and taste through insider tips and accessible advice, covering everything from how to best begin a project to how to select just the right finishing touch. Readers will especially enjoy reading about the unexpected sources of inspiration while marveling at the polished final designs. There is something for everyone in this book—a rug, a piece of artwork, a color palette, an idea—that can be used within any home.

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Equal & Empowered: Essays, Poems, & Art Inspired by Feminism by Young Students Around the World Equal & Empowered is a collection of student work across a broad range of mediums. This book was inspired by so much more though; it's the culmination of young students coming together to educate their peers on feminism and invite change in their respective communities, and even beyond on a global scale. What began as a school group to engage in conversation about gender inequality and raise awareness about the true definition of feminism, blossomed into the efforts to create something tangible, that could further their mission and exemplify their thoughts and opinions on feminism. The Equal and Empowered group was validated in their ideas when they received monetary funding from the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank to create this book, but even more importantly, they gained mentorship from incredible women for a year, an experience that rolled over into an additional year and proved invaluable. The young women and men featured among the pages of Equal & Empowered are poignant, witty, exemplary, and thought-provoking in their words and in their art. They have stories to tell, ideas to share, and they invite and encourage others to join in the conversation. The young contributors are working towards ending the stigma and letting the world know feminism is for everyone.

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Mastering Beauty: A Rare Glimpse into the Private Lives of Renowned Cosmetic Doctors Who Share Insights and Advice on the Complex Quest for Beauty Mastering Beauty features wisdom and inspiration from highly regarded doctors of aesthetic medicine who are uniquely introduced in both personal and professional contexts. Of the 15 contributing doctors, three have been elected to the esteemed American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s office of president. The doctors represent a diverse geography, from Honolulu to New York City, Vancouver to Florida. Beautiful environmental portraits capture the doctors doing what they love most—practicing medicine, spending time with their families, and engaging in leisure activities. Profiles present the doctors’ backgrounds and philosophies, while additional chapters highlight their opinions on important topics, like how to choose a doctor; the benefits and drawbacks of surgical and nonsurgical procedures; and tips for staying youthful. Readers will especially enjoy recommendations and cautionary tales regarding popular procedures, and a section devoted to outrageous requests. Intended for readers with varying levels of knowledge on the subject, Mastering Beauty has plenty of inspiration for navigating the ever-changing world of cosmetic medicine.

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Love Is Love: Ideas and Inspiration: The LGBTQ+ Wedding Book Part historical record, part family album, Love Is Love is a celebration of same-sex couples seizing the opportunity to honor their love through marriage, and of those who helped make their weddings possible. It’s a collection of allies, wedding professionals across the nation showcasing just what a real-life same-sex marriage looks like. Advice on love, marriage, and preparing for the big day is woven throughout the collection, as well as an historic perspective, giving us just a glimpse of the hard-fought journey for marriage equality. The book is intended to inspire all who believe that love truly is love. Above all, Love Is Love is an invitation—to celebrate, to be inspired, and to join those within in the formidable mission to redefine the traditional American wedding.

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I Do... Destination Florida: No Passport Required Inviting couples to meet 40 of Florida’s top wedding artisans, this book offers an inside look at the most gorgeous events as well as the locations that make the state a hotspot for destination weddings. A must for brides-to-be, this book will appeal to those drawn to the regality of an old Florida seaside town and those who appreciate the modern vibe of a more metropolitan area. Adding to this romantic collection is a sprinkling of witty quotes on love, marriage, and preparing for the big day. This book includes design inspo from celebrity-level wedding planners, floral designers, couture gown boutiques, caterers, venues, and more.

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Secrets of My Food Affair: A Gluten-free RomanceWe love Nichole Campo. She’s talented. She’s full of ideas. And she’s real. That’s exactly the kind of person we’d do anything for. The book includes fabulous recipes along with Nichole’s inspiring story of living with celiac disease, learning to nurture her body with gluten-free food, and delighting her family with creative new takes on old favorites.

Check out a video of Nichole in action at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida!

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