"Mastering Beauty" Now in Stores!


We are so excited to be officially announcing the release of our gorgeous hardcover book Mastering Beauty! Released earlier this month to the retail marketplace, Mastering Beauty: A Rare Glimpse Into the Private Lives of Renowned Cosmetic Doctors Who Share Insights and Advice on the Complex Quest for Beauty is an illuminating 220-page book featuring wisdom and inspiration from 15 world-renowned doctors of aesthetic medicine. These doctors are uniquely introduced in both professional and personal contexts, from their methods and mediums, to their family heritage, world travels, and interests.

The book’s environmental portraiture is exquisite. More than 75 vibrant photographs capture the doctors doing what they love most—practicing medicine, spending time with their families, and engaging in a variety of leisure activities. The editorial is eloquent, presenting personal anecdotes, complex philosophies, and medical opinions in an approachable manner that appeals to readers of varying levels of interest and expertise. Words of wisdom leap off the pages to boldly anchor each chapter.

Contributing doctors include: Ashley Gordon, James Grotting, Clyde Ishii, John Koutsoyiannis, Charles Lee, Sheila Nazarian, Anna Petropoulos, Tracy Pfeifer, Marta Rendon, Adam Rubinstein, Robyn Siperstein-Paul, Armando Soto, Charles Thorne, Jennifer Walden, and Richard Warren. Many of these seasoned professionals are professors, leaders of industry organizations, researchers, authors of seminal textbooks and papers, international lecturers, inventors, television and radio personalities, philanthropists, and self-proprietors. Three of them have been elected president to the esteemed American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Mastering Beauty is an unprecedented collection of profiles on some of the world’s foremost doctors of cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry.  […] Congratulations to Beth Buckley for tackling this fascinating field in such a unique and educational way; Mastering Beauty is a great contribution.” —Dr. Charles Thorne

The personal lives of these talented men and women are in many ways as diverse as their professional opinions and cosmetic specialties. As you explore the inspired pages of Mastering Beauty, you’ll appreciate multiple perspectives on a range of important topics, including how to choose a doctor, the benefits and drawbacks of surgical and nonsurgical procedures, tips for staying youthful, social media’s place in the beauty industry, and what the future may hold for the field of cosmetic medicine. Delve into specific recommendations and cautionary tales for popular procedures for the skin, face, breasts, body, and butt. Enjoy success stories of the doctors’ most memorable patients. And be thoroughly entertained by anecdotes of outrageous requests—erasing fingerprints, removing earlobes, and making someone look exactly like a certain celebrity.

Mastering Beauty is available on Amazon and in bookstores like Barnes & Noble, and it’s also available in ebook form, through Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, or wherever ebooks are purchased. You can order your copy using the buttons below.