It's Been a Blast!

We’ve had a whirlwind of events and activity during the first half of 2019! We enjoy nothing more than spending time with the amazing talent and watching our stars shine at book-signings. There was never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

We kicked off our big tour of Some Like It HOT in December with the official launch party at the SoHo Beach House in Miami. Our series of book-signings then began with Debra Butler’s event at the Key West Books & Books in January. Then, we had back-to-back book-signings at the Coral Gables and Bal Harbour Books and Books in February. March saw an event at the fabulous furniture store, Jerry Pair & Associates, as well as the Midtown Reader in Tallahassee, then Leili Fatemi’s book-signing at the Scan Design storefront in Ft. Myers. We rounded out the Some Like It HOT book events for the first half of the year with a book-signing at Fine Line Furniture and Accessories in May. Fall will bring lots more events to come and we’ll keep you posted about them! Let us know if you or anyone you know has interest in a book-signing.

Summer is the time of year where everyone winds down and gets a chance to go on vacay. Enjoy these photos from the followings events as we get ready to gear up for an amazing second half of the year!