"Mastering Beauty": Off to the Printer!


And just like that, another book is off to the printers! "Mastering Beauty: A Rare Glimpse into the Private Lives of Renowned Cosmetic Doctors Who Share Insights and Advice on the Complex Quest for Beauty" truly evolved into such a stunning and elaborate book, becoming so much more than we ever envisioned for it. We're immensely proud of it and even more of our editor, Rosalie, for tackling this hefty project (even while pregnant!)

The illuminating 220-page book features wisdom and inspiration from 15 highly regarded doctors of aesthetic medicine, who are uniquely presented in both professional and personal contexts. Each doctor is introduced through an impressive eight-page spread, detailing through exquisite environmental portraiture and elaborate editorial their life, interests, philosophies, and gifting hints of wisdom throughout. Between chapters of the doctors are in-depth Q&A with the professionals giving their take on the topic.


The personal lives of these talented men and women are in many ways as diverse as their professional opinions and cosmetic specialties. Exploring the inspired pages of "Mastering Beauty", brings an appreciation of their multiple perspectives on a range of important topics, including how to choose a doctor, the benefits and drawbacks of surgical and nonsurgical procedures, tips for staying youthful, social media’s place in the beauty industry, and what the future may hold for the field of cosmetic medicine. Delve into specific recommendations and cautionary tales for popular procedures for the skin, face, breasts, body, and butt. Enjoy success stories of the doctors’ most memorable patients. And be thoroughly entertained by anecdotes of outrageous requests—erasing fingerprints, removing earlobes, and making someone look exactly like a certain celebrity.

"Mastering Beauty" has plenty of inspiration for navigating your way through the ever-changing world of cosmetic medicine and we ensure it will be a thoroughly interesting read, no matter your interest in the subject!


As we wrap up the final stages of the production process, we'll keep you updated on when pre-orders are live and when to expect to be able to get your hands on this book!