“Equal & Empowered” Now Available!


We are delighted to announce that Equal & Empowered: Essays, Poems, and Art Inspired by Feminism: By Young Students Around the World is now available for preorder!

Amid this political climate and the current events surrounding it, we are reminded of the work feminists do. Among them are these bold students contributing their voices to this crucial conversation. Equal & Empowered: Essays, Poems, and Art Inspired by Feminism: By Young Students Around the World is a compilation of work by students around the world, organized by the group Equal and Empowered. The group’s founding members are young feminists from Grandview Preparatory School. These writers, artists, dreamers, and thinkers call attention to the past and present struggles of women, and every marginalized group, in work that is poignant, witty, exemplary, and thought-provoking. It's the brainchild of students—of all ages—coming together to educate their peers on feminism and invite change in their respective communities, and even beyond on a global scale. From a ten-year-old boy speaking his mind about inequality to a young woman with autism discussing the feminine spectrum, this is a book by young people for everyone.

The young women behind Equal and Empowered put their energy into a group that could inform and empower their peers and other young people on feminism. Honoring feminist ideals through their organization, they began raising awareness about issues women and other marginalized groups face. What began as a school group to engage in conversation about gender inequality and raise awareness about the true definition of feminism, blossomed into the creation of something tangible, something that could further their mission and exemplify their thoughts and opinions on feminism.

The Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank awarded Equal and Empowered mentorship and monetary funding to create what would later become this book. The students who started Equal and Empowered believed in their message and they found that others—even from around the world—believed in it as well. Equal & Empowered is a testament to the student voice and the power in youth activism, to staunchly believe in something and share that belief with a greater audience. The young women and men featured within the pages want to share those beliefs with you, to share their thoughts and feelings, and perhaps even to open your eyes to the stigma they have faced. The timeliness of this art and literature book reminds us once again of the importance of feminism.

We couldn’t possibly be more proud of these talented young women here at benton buckley books. They have inspired us throughout the making of this amazing book, and we are so excited to announce that this provocative collection of voices is now available for preorder through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books & Books and wherever books are sold!