Celebrating LGBT History Month and Coming Out Day with "Love Is Love: Ideas and Inspiration: The LGBTQ+ Wedding Book"!


Join us in celebrating how far we’ve come in our battle for equality during LGBT History Month with this first-of-its-kind book “Love Is Love: Ideas and Inspirations: The LGBTQ+ Wedding Book” which will move all to keep pushing forward in this hard-fought battle for the unconditional acceptance of love.


Part historical record, part family album, "Love Is Love" is a celebration of same-sex couples seizing the opportunity to honor their love through marriage, and of those who helped make their weddings possible. Above all, "Love Is Love" is an invitation—to celebrate, to be inspired, and to join those within in the formidable mission to redefine the traditional American wedding.

This book is groundbreaking, emotional, and inspiring in its inclusion of more than 200 color photographs of real-life same-sex celebrations from across the United States. The pages are filled with inspirational stories, ideas, and creativity from the passionate planners, photographers, wedding professionals, and, of course, couples who are redefining the traditional American wedding.  This book follows the principle of fighting with positivity, a tactic that the founders of coming out day wholeheartedly believed in.  These LGBTQ+ activists knew that a defensive response to intolerance would be predictable, so rather than responding with anger and outrage they took the opportunity to celebrate love.  This decision to maintain and promote positivity in the face of conflict led to the founding of National Coming Out Day in 1988 (The date of October 11 was chosen because it is the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights)