“Equal & Empowered” Now Available!


We are delighted to announce that Equal & Empowered: Essays, Poems, and Art Inspired by Feminism: By Young Students Around the World is now available for preorder!

Amid this political climate and the current events surrounding it, we are reminded of the work feminists do. Among them are these bold students contributing their voices to this crucial conversation. Equal & Empowered: Essays, Poems, and Art Inspired by Feminism: By Young Students Around the World is a compilation of work by students around the world, organized by the group Equal and Empowered. The group’s founding members are young feminists from Grandview Preparatory School. These writers, artists, dreamers, and thinkers call attention to the past and present struggles of women, and every marginalized group, in work that is poignant, witty, exemplary, and thought-provoking. It's the brainchild of students—of all ages—coming together to educate their peers on feminism and invite change in their respective communities, and even beyond on a global scale. From a ten-year-old boy speaking his mind about inequality to a young woman with autism discussing the feminine spectrum, this is a book by young people for everyone.

The young women behind Equal and Empowered put their energy into a group that could inform and empower their peers and other young people on feminism. Honoring feminist ideals through their organization, they began raising awareness about issues women and other marginalized groups face. What began as a school group to engage in conversation about gender inequality and raise awareness about the true definition of feminism, blossomed into the creation of something tangible, something that could further their mission and exemplify their thoughts and opinions on feminism.

The Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank awarded Equal and Empowered mentorship and monetary funding to create what would later become this book. The students who started Equal and Empowered believed in their message and they found that others—even from around the world—believed in it as well. Equal & Empowered is a testament to the student voice and the power in youth activism, to staunchly believe in something and share that belief with a greater audience. The young women and men featured within the pages want to share those beliefs with you, to share their thoughts and feelings, and perhaps even to open your eyes to the stigma they have faced. The timeliness of this art and literature book reminds us once again of the importance of feminism.

We couldn’t possibly be more proud of these talented young women here at benton buckley books. They have inspired us throughout the making of this amazing book, and we are so excited to announce that this provocative collection of voices is now available for preorder through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books & Books and wherever books are sold!


"Some Like It HOT" Now Available!


“A great designer doesn’t convince—a great designer seduces.” – Fanny Haim

Our most current title, Some Like It HOT: Inspiring Spaces by Florida’s Hottest Designers, is now available in bookstores and online! Florida is buzzing about this book—from Key West to the Panhandle—and we couldn’t be more excited about releasing this title! Within its pages, Some Like It HOT offers a peek into the minds of 30 acclaimed Florida interior designers as they discuss their inspiration sources and what truly makes a room.

The process in creating Some Like It HOT has been akin to curating a gallery. Each talent has been carefully selected to exhibit their work within the pages of this permanent collection. The contributing designers range from global sensations such as Fanny Haim, Sam Robin, Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque, Jennifer Garrigues, and Todd Davis & Rob Brown to creative souls like Robert Rionda, Sharron Lannan, and Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis. Some Like It HOT includes exceptional designers Amy Herman, Amy Kelly, Anil Kakar, Brianna Michelle, David L. Smith, Deborah Wecselman, Debra Butler, Eve Glass Beres, Jonathan Parks, Juan Poggi, Judith Liegeois, Kurt Dannwolf & Lachmee Chin, Laura Martzell, Leili Fatemi, Margarita & Cristina Courtney, Pamela Iannacio, Phil Kean, Robert Zemnickis, Sandra Diaz-Velasco, Sarah Zohar, Susan Lovelace and Whitney Bloom. With each internationally recognized designer who fills the pages, their reach is expanded and deepened. It is awe-inspiring to see such diversity and talent in one compilation, and even more amazing to realize their work and philosophies will exist to spark creativity for years to come.

The book’s photographs are exquisite. More than 220 vibrant color images capture completed rooms and show a range of décor styles, from fresh takes on traditional to modern to “uniquely Florida.” The editorial is eloquent, presenting personal anecdotes, complex philosophies, and expert opinions in an approachable manner that appeals to readers of varying levels of interest. Words of wisdom leap off the pages to boldly anchor each chapter.

Readers will especially enjoy reading about the unexpected sources of inspiration while marveling at the polished final designs. Art, classical architecture, music, travel, food, pop culture, fashion—the list of inspirations for these designers goes on and on. There is something for everyone in this book—a rug, a piece of artwork, a color palette, an idea—that can be used within any home.

You can purchase your copy on Amazon or in stores and online at Barnes & Noble. Some Like It HOT is a visual masterpiece and an example of, not only Florida’s hottest designers, but some of the hottest designers around the world.

"Mastering Beauty" Now in Stores!


We are so excited to be officially announcing the release of our gorgeous hardcover book Mastering Beauty! Released earlier this month to the retail marketplace, Mastering Beauty: A Rare Glimpse Into the Private Lives of Renowned Cosmetic Doctors Who Share Insights and Advice on the Complex Quest for Beauty is an illuminating 220-page book featuring wisdom and inspiration from 15 world-renowned doctors of aesthetic medicine. These doctors are uniquely introduced in both professional and personal contexts, from their methods and mediums, to their family heritage, world travels, and interests.

The book’s environmental portraiture is exquisite. More than 75 vibrant photographs capture the doctors doing what they love most—practicing medicine, spending time with their families, and engaging in a variety of leisure activities. The editorial is eloquent, presenting personal anecdotes, complex philosophies, and medical opinions in an approachable manner that appeals to readers of varying levels of interest and expertise. Words of wisdom leap off the pages to boldly anchor each chapter.

Contributing doctors include: Ashley Gordon, James Grotting, Clyde Ishii, John Koutsoyiannis, Charles Lee, Sheila Nazarian, Anna Petropoulos, Tracy Pfeifer, Marta Rendon, Adam Rubinstein, Robyn Siperstein-Paul, Armando Soto, Charles Thorne, Jennifer Walden, and Richard Warren. Many of these seasoned professionals are professors, leaders of industry organizations, researchers, authors of seminal textbooks and papers, international lecturers, inventors, television and radio personalities, philanthropists, and self-proprietors. Three of them have been elected president to the esteemed American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Mastering Beauty is an unprecedented collection of profiles on some of the world’s foremost doctors of cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry.  […] Congratulations to Beth Buckley for tackling this fascinating field in such a unique and educational way; Mastering Beauty is a great contribution.” —Dr. Charles Thorne

The personal lives of these talented men and women are in many ways as diverse as their professional opinions and cosmetic specialties. As you explore the inspired pages of Mastering Beauty, you’ll appreciate multiple perspectives on a range of important topics, including how to choose a doctor, the benefits and drawbacks of surgical and nonsurgical procedures, tips for staying youthful, social media’s place in the beauty industry, and what the future may hold for the field of cosmetic medicine. Delve into specific recommendations and cautionary tales for popular procedures for the skin, face, breasts, body, and butt. Enjoy success stories of the doctors’ most memorable patients. And be thoroughly entertained by anecdotes of outrageous requests—erasing fingerprints, removing earlobes, and making someone look exactly like a certain celebrity.

Mastering Beauty is available on Amazon and in bookstores like Barnes & Noble, and it’s also available in ebook form, through Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, or wherever ebooks are purchased. You can order your copy using the buttons below.

Celebrating LGBT History Month and Coming Out Day with "Love Is Love: Ideas and Inspiration: The LGBTQ+ Wedding Book"!


Join us in celebrating how far we’ve come in our battle for equality during LGBT History Month with this first-of-its-kind book “Love Is Love: Ideas and Inspirations: The LGBTQ+ Wedding Book” which will move all to keep pushing forward in this hard-fought battle for the unconditional acceptance of love.


Part historical record, part family album, "Love Is Love" is a celebration of same-sex couples seizing the opportunity to honor their love through marriage, and of those who helped make their weddings possible. Above all, "Love Is Love" is an invitation—to celebrate, to be inspired, and to join those within in the formidable mission to redefine the traditional American wedding.

This book is groundbreaking, emotional, and inspiring in its inclusion of more than 200 color photographs of real-life same-sex celebrations from across the United States. The pages are filled with inspirational stories, ideas, and creativity from the passionate planners, photographers, wedding professionals, and, of course, couples who are redefining the traditional American wedding.  This book follows the principle of fighting with positivity, a tactic that the founders of coming out day wholeheartedly believed in.  These LGBTQ+ activists knew that a defensive response to intolerance would be predictable, so rather than responding with anger and outrage they took the opportunity to celebrate love.  This decision to maintain and promote positivity in the face of conflict led to the founding of National Coming Out Day in 1988 (The date of October 11 was chosen because it is the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights)

Delicious Gluten-Free Recipe for National Celiac Disease Awareness Day!

Front Cover.jpg

National Celiac Disease Awareness Day was September 13th, but better late than never! Did you know that an estimated 1 in 131 Americans has celiac disease, and that a gluten-free diet is the only existing treatment? Gluten-free expert Nichole Campo’s lovely book "Secrets of My Food Affair: A Gluten-Free Romance" is the perfect and most essential dose of extra inspiration for all of us working with a gluten-free diet!

Nichole shares her story of living with celiac disease, learning to nurture her body with gluten-free food, and delighting her family with creative new takes on old favorites. The book features 40 fabulous recipes that will delight the taste buds! Stuffed mushrooms, prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks, pierogies, shepherd’s pie, beer-battered onion rings, and brownie trifle are among the scrumptious offerings. Yum!!

Also included is a wealth of information on how to navigate the world of gluten-freedom. Sharing everything from tips on label reading, grocery shopping, and couponing to lesser-known facts about what’s gluten-free, what’s not, and how to know what ingredients really truly contain, Nichole is an invaluable resource. 

In honor of National Celiac Disease Awareness Day and Nichole Campo, check out this fantastic, free recipe from her gorgeous book! And buy this ebook for more delicious and great tasting gluten-free recipes!      


You can also check out Nichole cooking this recipe and more at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa!

Secrets of My Food Affair is available for Nook, Apple Books, and Kindle.

[1] http://www.celiaccentral.org/celiac-disease/facts-and-figures/

Cover Reveal for "Some Like It HOT"!

At long last, the cover for our first interior design title Some Like It HOT: Inspiring Spaces by Florida’s Hottest Designers is revealed!


Some Like It HOT is a gorgeous collection of some of the most stunning spaces and environments Florida has to offer. Featuring 30 of Florida's hottest designers, spanning from South Beach to the Panhandle, everything in between and beyond, not only do they share their designs, but also their philosophies and insider tips. Each featured profile is uniquely different from the next. Readers will especially enjoy reading about the unexpected sources of inspiration while marveling at the polished final designs. There is something for everyone in this book—a rug, a piece of artwork, a color palette, an idea—that can be used within any home. HOT covers everything from how to best begin a project to selecting just the right finishing touch.

The designers adorning these pages are some of the best of the best—from heavy hitters like Jennifer Garrigues to Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque to the creative souls like Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis and Susan Lovelace. And we couldn't be more excited to offer congratulations to Sharron Lannan for the cover! We fell in love with Sharron's design and were immediately drawn to her work.

Some Like It HOT: Inspiring Spaces by Florida's Hottest Designers will be released in October, but is available now for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Use the links to order your copy now!

Some Like It HOT is a truly curated coffee table book, one that you'll want to flip through the pages!

"Love Is Love" is Coming to Bookstores!

Like any book we curate here at benton buckley books, they're not without their own ups and downs, but we were determined to have "Love Is Love" be published and hit the shelves of bookstores everywhere. It's full title "Love Is Love: Ideas & Inspirations: The LGBTQ+ Wedding Book" is as much a personal passion project for everyone here, as it is a necessary one for the marketplace. This ground-breaking book will be the first of its kind, the very first same-sex wedding coffee table book to hit retail stores – long overdue.

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June is Pride Month

Although unofficial, June is recognized as LGBTQ+ Pride Month. It commemorates our history, not only the events of the Stonewall riots, but every individual's own pursuit for happiness and their personal battles to overcome. Pride Month is a celebration of what we have done and our accomplishments, but also a reminder of how far we will still go.

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Nichole Campo & Stoli Gluten-Free Vodka

Nichole Campo, author of "Secrets of My Food Affair: A Gluten-Free Romance" recently finished another cooking showcase at the Epicurean Hotel's Kitchen Theatre. Well, if you missed the last one or have been interested in seeing what all the commotion has been about, you're not going to want to miss this upcoming one! Nichole is pairing up with Stoli Gluten-Free Vodka for an evening of cocktails and food pairings on May 24th!

Stoli released their gluten-free vodka last year and it is completely gluten-free, in every way, shape, and form. Unlike other vodkas that do use rye and wheat, but are destroyed in the distilling process, Stoli uses a mix of 88% corn and 12% buckwheat in their vodka, making sure there are no traces of gluten to be found. Nichole has planned a menu that creatively infuses Stoli Gluten-Free Vodka in all of her recipes, in a fun and tasteful way, while our friends at Stoli have designed a cocktail especially for that evening.

The event will begin with a casual cocktail hour, mingling with other gluten-free food goers and Nichole Campo herself, while Stoli is serving up the cocktail they have chosen to present for the evening. Afterwards, the event will be moved into the Kitchen Theatre to enjoy the live cooking event.


Be sure to be on the look-out for the upcoming event, by visiting the Epicurean's events page here, or joining our newsletter so we can give you a head's up directly.

If you haven't already purchased your copy of "Secrets of My Food Affair: A Gluten-Free Romance", you can purchase it through our distributor, IPG here.