benton buckley books is kind of like an artist’s colony for creative types from all walks of life. It’s the culmination of one woman’s vision for doing things the right way, welcoming the creative input of everyone without yielding even momentarily to quality. All of benton buckley books’ publications are carefully developed and personally curated by principal publisher Beth Buckley to feature the most engaging content. They are meticulously produced using the best methodologies and materials and made widely available for the world to enjoy.

BETH - PRINCIPAL PUBLISHER Known for her keen eye for talent and her stunning aesthetic, Beth Buckley has been in publishing for more than 25 years, having started her career in the children’s book industry with Scholastic Books. Beth soon ventured into high-end magazine publishing, working with some of the top national and international magazines. It was a natural transition to carry her passion and love for beautiful print publications to the hardcover, art-style, photography-driven, coffee-table books that adorn the shelves of major retailers around the world. As a director of design and development for other publishers, Beth conceptualized, designed, and curated dozens of retail titles in myriad subjects, including interior design, architecture, celebrity event design, wineries, travel, and hospitality. Beth is proud to have founded the benton buckley book publishing house. 


SHERI - ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Sheri has been a publishing passionnista for more than 20 years! She’s a bit of a mavHERrick, driven and determined to produce books of the highest quality, far exceeding the expectations of everyone involved. Sheri raises the bar a little higher on each title.

MORGANNE - ART Morganne flexes her creative muscles as an acclaimed graphic designer slash art director slash connoisseur of high style. Morganne has a wealth of experience designing for the luxury genre. She’s inspired by gorgeous photography, the artfulness of print media, and the opportunity to create meaningful work while having fun.

ROSALIE - EDITOR Rosalie has been actively engaged in high-end publishing for more than a decade. She holds a bachelor’s in arts and humanities and a master’s in liberal studies. Rosalie has managed the editorial development of hundreds of books, written several collections cover to cover, and collaborated with too many amazing people to count.

ERICA - PUBLISHING ASSISTANT Having spent much of her young adult life (of which she is still stumbling through) in an artistic environment while also running away across the globe to travel, Erica has lived several short varieties of lives, from being a student to helping teach film to working on the startups for comic publishing platforms. While her background in art is mainly in film and writing, she is able to appreciate all other forms and be able to take and learn from them to build into her own foundation. A lover of traveling, Erica has done schooling and work in Korea and China, respectively, while being able to find the time to lose herself in the mountain tea fields in Taiwan.